Alabama pro plumbing tips are courtesy of Affordable Plumbing Services and aim to promote health and safety for you and your family.

Alabama pro plumbing tips are for the plumbing novice and expert alike. You definitely need to read this if you know nothing about plumbing and are just dreading the day when the pipes in your house burst. Read on for some solid plumbing advice that everyone can use in their home or business.

Where is your main water shut-off valve?

  • FIND OUT TODAY. Ensure that everyone within your household knows how to shut down the primary water supply, or can contact someone who can. In the event of a burst pipe or another water-related emergency, you need to immediately shut off the water to avoid flooding, structural damage, plus a sky-high water bill.
  • YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE. There are several shut-off valves. Toilets, sinks, and other fixtures could have their very own valves that cut off water.
  • THE MAIN SHUT-OFF IS OUTSIDE. You should know the location of the valve that cuts off water to your residence. A water meter should be on or near it. This is probably somewhere between your structure and the street outside. Many are situated underground covered by a heavy manhole type cover.
  • LOOK OUT FOR BLACK WIDOW SPIDERS. Be careful when moving the heavy cover to access the shut-off valve. It is a good idea to wear gloves and to watch out for poisonous Black Widow Spiders that often make a home on the backside of the cover.

What is that loud noise?

Before investigating loud noises inside your pipes, empty the pipes first for an easy fix with an otherwise wasted tremendous job. Just close the primary water line and open the faucets through the house. Right after the water has stopped flowing, turn the water on from the main source and check to see if you hear any noise.

Who do you recommend?

To assist you in finding an excellent plumber, you need to get recommendations from people that you trust. Asking a friend or even a family member is usually better than picking a random plumber out of thin air. You need a competent plumber with fair prices. Rely on Affordable Plumbing Services to be the honest plumber you can recommend to your friends and family. Hiring ba shady plumbing companies can mean overpaying for services and possibly facing significantly bigger problems down the line.

Is your toilet tank leaking?

You can check your toilet for leaks with the help of several drops of food coloring, Kool-Aid, or some coffee grounds on the water inside the toilet tank (not water within the bowl). Check the water within the pan after 30 minutes roughly. Color in the bowl indicates a leaking tank, and you will need to have it repaired.

Why is my water black?

When your water is coming out black, then most likely, you have an iron and magnesium issue in your water. You need to talk to a water softener company and get them to assess your water. They can repair the problem by adding a water softener.

Does your garbage disposal smell fresh?

Cleaning your in-sink garbage disposal can extend its lifetime significantly. By regularly “cleaning” the disposal with lemon rinds and dish soap, you may ensure your garbage disposal is running well and smelling so clean and fresh.

Leave soldering to the pros or not?

DIY plumbing jobs will demand that you know how to solder copper to the lines for your water supply. It is possible to practice this skill so that you be capable of run your lines without worrying about it leaking. You can search online for video tutorials that can help you get a handle on how to solder. However, it is not as easy to do in reality. It is safer to leave the copper pipe soldering to a professional plumber.

Is your water backing up all over the place?

If water is backing up multiple places all over the house, harsh drain cleaning chemicals or perhaps a small hand snake will not be sufficient. There is probably a blockage from the mainline, so you must contact a professional plumber.

Do you flush your water heater?

In the winter season, your water heater works the hardest. To maintain it in optimum condition, flush it before winter arrives. Flushing the system helps take away the sediment buildup, which in turn causes internal corrosion of your water heater, shortens its lifespan and reduces heating efficiency. Connect a hose towards the faucet near the bottom of the tank and drain several gallons by directing this type of water right into a nearby drain.

Why is your water bill sky high?

Keep close track of your monthly water bill to catch plumbing problems. Has your water bill gone up recently, even though your usage is the same? An unexplainable increase can indicate a water leak or device problem somewhere inside or outside of your home. Check under sinks for rusted pipes, try to find water puddles under outside faucets, and consider having a qualified plumbing company like Affordable Plumbing Services come out to detect the location of the leak.

Where is your kitchen grease going?

Pour all used cooking grease into a Have a grease vat. Grease is a significant explanation of why kitchen drains slow and, eventually, stop up — even the harshest drain cleaning products, usually not a match for the heavy grease clog. The grease you save inside the vat can be formed into balls and rolled in birdseed for beautiful winter bird feeders.

Who can answer your plumbing questions?

Hopefully, in our Alabama pro plumbing tips, you found some helpful hints and useful tips. The aim is to keep your plumbing in great shape for you and your family. Plumbing leaks, backups, and fails are serious and can put your health and safety at risk. Please call Affordable Plumbing Services at (205) 690-1493 whether you need a plumber today or you have a plumbing related question. we are happy to help you because we care.